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Success Stories of HKU

Professor Yau Kai Cheung

Professor Yau Kai Cheung

A highly-acclaimed scholar with a remarkable career, a well-respected teacher and colleague, a loving father, an honourable and charitable man – Prof Y K Cheung is certainly having it all. Details..

Prof. C.C. Chan

Professor C.C. Chan

Named  "Father of Asian Electric Vehicles" by Global View Magazine and "Asia's Best Technology Pioneer" by Asiaweek, Prof. C.C. Chan tells the story of a man who made his childhood dream come true. Details..

Prof. Vincent W.S. Leung

Professor Vincent W.S. Leung

Brilliant engineers like Professor Leung had a fabulous vision of the future. There is always a risk in dreaming about new technologies, but we should not stop dreaming. Some requires years of hard work for their realization; but some are doomed to failure. Luckily, there are those who dare to dream the impossible dreams, and make it possible! Details..


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