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  HKU Robot team received awards at ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2009 (Tokyo, Japan)  
  The robot team of HKU Faculty of Engineering, led by Dr K.C.Cheung (Mechanical Engineeing), took the First Runner-Up and Best Artistic Design Award in the ABU Robot Contest held on Saturday, August 22, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. There were 20 teams from 19 countries entering this contest (the host country, Japan, has two teams.) The team from Harbin Institute of Technology, China completed the required tasks in 19 seconds (winner) and HKU Engineering in 22 seconds (first runner-up). The result was an integrated effort of the Faculty and departments (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering).  
  The HKU Robot Team was composed of current engineering students and graduates. The members are as follows:


Dr Cheung Kie Chung (Instructor)
• Cheung Wai Yeung
• Tam Wai Shun
• Ma Ho Yuen
• Lam Yau Kin
• So Ngai Hin
• Yip Tsz San
• Chang Yeuk Lan Karen
• Chong Chi Wa
• Ko Kam Pan
• Kwok Tsun Fung
• Lam Kin Hang
• Lau Kwan Lun
• Leung Ka Kit
• Li Tam Tan Fung
• Ng Wang Fei
• Yuen Ching Man
• Yuen Ho Yan Janet
• Zhang Bo Yi

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Video clips of the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2009 (Tokyo, Japan):

  1. 2009 ABU Robocon Theme and Rule Animation
  2. Preliminary Round No. 7 [Hong Kong (Red) v. Malaysia(Blue)]
  3. Quarter-final No. 4 [Hong Kong (Red) v. Indonesia (Blue)]
  4. Semi-final No. 2 [Hong Kong (Blue) v. Japan (Red)]
  5. Final Contest [Hong Kong (Blue) v. China (Red)]
  6. Video produced by a broadcaster
  7. To be shown: 16 September (Wednesday) TVB Jade 19:00 - 19:30
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