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Advanced Robotics Initiative - Four New Young Faculty Members

HKU Engineering has set up the “Advanced Robotics Initiative” with a vision that it will become one of the most exciting multi-disciplinary initiatives in the Faculty. A wide range of research activities will push the forefront of high-valued healthcare and industrial applications, such as robot-assisted surgery, robotic exoskeleton and logistics to name but a few. State-of-the-art science and technologies from LiDAR (laser radar) vision sensors, intelligent control, motion planning to kinematics, and robotics studies will be called upon and developed.

With such exciting challenges ahead, we are delighted to announce that HKU Engineering has recruited four new Assistant Professors. All of these young minds come from top universities in the world with specialty on advanced robotics subject areas. As they collaborate with our Faculty members across disciplines, HKU Engineering is determined to drive for advances in robotics technologies. We will instill new knowledge into classroom and inspire researchers about future possibilities to position HKU Engineering as a leading institution in the region in robotics.

 (Please click on the below image for their profiles and research interests)

Advanced Robotics Initiative - Four New Young Faculty Members

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