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William Mong Distinguished Lecture by Professor Ming C. Lin

Fast Visual Simulation of Complex Multiscale Phenomena

Professor Ming C. Lin, currently John R. & Louise S. Parker Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, gave a lecture on November 15, 2013 titled “Fast Visual Simulation of Complex Multiscale Phenomena” at CPD-3.04, 3/F Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus.

From turbulent fluid flow to chaotic traffic patterns, many phenomena observed in nature and in society show complex emergent behavior on different scales. The modeling and simulation of such phenomena continues to intrigue scientists and researchers across different fields, from computational sciences, medicine, traffic engineering, urban planning, to social sciences. Understanding and reproducing the visual appearance and dynamic behavior of such complex phenomena through simulation is valuable for enhancing the realism of virtual scenes, for improving the efficiency of design evaluation, for planning of complex procedures, and for training of skilled personnel. This is also essential for interactive applications, where it is impossible to manually animate all the possible interactions and anticipate all responses beforehand. In her talk, she survey several recent advances that synthesize together macroscopic models of the large-scale flows and local representations of intricate behaviors to capture both the aggregate dynamics and fine-grained details of such phenomena with significantly accelerated performance on commodity hardware, as well as novel algorithms that integrate physics-based modeling and data-driven synthesis to solve challenging research problems.

William Mong Distinguished Lecture by Professor Ming C. Lin

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