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Objectives 研究目標
With the rapid growth of global business activities, it becomes essential for the firms to manage the logistics flow and to track their goods properly. Continuous monitoring and end-to-end tracking are critical for shipments of high-end goods, such as jewelry, electronic products, and legal documents.  We have developed the next-generation tracking device and technology which supports continuous, real-time, and ubiquitous goods-level tracking. The core technologies developed in this project includes innovations in Positioning technologies, Communications technologies, Device technologies and Services technologies.

Contributions 研究成果
The new tracking technology has a great market value and huge potential. It can be employed in various kinds of location-based applications, such as logistics, asset tracking, security, location-based marketing and advertisement, etc. This enabling technology plays a key role in achieving better service availability, better environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Tracking devices and Fleet Management System

Team Members 研究成員
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Prof Victor O.K. Li, Dr Guanghua Yang, Dr Jialing Xu, Dr Yanhui Geng, Mr Jianwei Yu, Mr Qiancheng You
電機與電子工程系: 李安國教授、楊光華博士、徐加羚博士、耿彦輝博士、余建偉、遊前程
Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM): Dr Frank Tong, Mr Martin Lai, Mr Joe Tang, Mr. Daniel Chan, Mr. David Chung
香港物流及供應鏈管理應用技術研發中心: 唐志雄博士、黎振偉、鄧兆泉、陳豪英、鍾展超

Project Sponsor 贊助機構
DHL Supply Chan (Hong Kong) Ltd. 敦豪供應鏈(香港)有限公司
Mapking International Ltd. 國圖顧問有限公司
Kingdee Software (China) Co. Ltd. 金蝶國際軟體集團有限公司
Schmidt & Company (Hong Kong) Ltd. 興華科儀有限公司
BISA Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd. 碧沙科技(香港)有限公司
Guangdong Goubuy Information Technologies Co. Ltd. 廣東夠快物流信息科技有限公司
Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Ltd. 新進科技集團有限公司