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Simulation technology 模擬技術
Simulation technology can turn real life operation into computer animation, and allows users to see the real operations on a computer screen. The data generated by the simulation programme can be analyzed for use in important decision making, including resource allocation and operation design. We draw on our specialized knowledge to help industries and manufacturing companies to figure out the best way to optimize resources, and improve their overall operation efficiency.  The simulation technology in particular, is one of the most powerful tools used by us to achieve the goal of system improvement. 

 How did the mail package arrive at my doorstep? 郵包怎來到我家門口?
Logistics companies like DHL need to handle several hundred thousand mail packages daily. And within a few hours of the arrival of mail packages, they need to be sorted, categorized, and ready to be delivered to the client on time.  How does DHL achieve that with less effort, less time, and smaller budget?  The answer is the simulation technology developed by us.  Since every minute detail of the logistics operation can be simulated on a computer, decision makers can run various situations on computer and select the best one to be implemented. This is how we facilitate Hong Kong companies to maintain their industry competitiveness both regionally and internationally. 

DHL Simulation

Team Members 研究成員
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Dr Henry Lau, Mr Bill Chan
工業及製造系統工程系: 劉應機博士、陳敬標
DHL Aviation (Hong Kong) Ltd.: Mr Michael Kwok
敦豪空運(香港)有限公司: 郭偉俊

Project Sponsor 贊助機構
DHL Aviation (Hong Kong) Ltd. 敦豪空運(香港)有限公司