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Objectives 研究目標
For the combat of copyright infringing activities through "peer-to-peer" network on the Internet, Customs & Excise Department, HKSAR (C&ED) worked in collaboration with the Centre for Information Security and Cryptography of The University of Hong Kong and developed a monitoring system named "Lineament Monitoring System I" in 2007. Thereafter, C&ED co-operated with the Centre again and successfully developed a monitoring system named "Lineament Monitoring System II", targeting the activities of Internet auction sites selling intellectual property infringement articles.

Contributions 研究成果
By entering some relevant information into the system, C&ED can impose a 24-hour monitoring of the local Internet auction sites and suspected infringing activities are recorded to facilitate follow-up action and investigation by Customs officers. As "Lineament Monitoring System II" can be operated automatically, not only can it enhance the efficiency in monitoring Internet auction sites, it can also enhance the enforcement effectiveness of combating the sale of infringing articles through Internet auction sites as it can operate round the clock.

Lineament Monitoring System II: Overview

Team Members 研究成員
Department of Computer Science: Dr CHOW Kam Pui, and members from Center for Information Security and Cryptography
計算機科學系: 鄒錦沛博士 與 資訊保安及密碼學研究中心成員

Project Sponsor 贊助機構
Customs & Excise Department 香港海關