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Virtual Reality 虛擬實境技術
Virtual Reality (VR) is like the twin sister of simulation technology. In the world of industrial engineering, these two are often used together to help industries and companies to make better business decisions, or improve operations. Virtual Reality is a simulated 3-D environment.  It takes the simulation up several notches to create a truly immersive and engaging experience of a virtually existing environment.

Walking into the 3-D World of Business 走進 3-D的商業世界
Asia Airfreight Terminal (AAT) is a good case example where we use VR to create a 3-D cargo handling warehouse , and users can virtually navigate the space in all directions.  The virtual environment is an excellent tool for in-house training and development since it looks and feels real, yet it takes away the potential danger and hassles for being on location.  VR is also an effective way to promote a product or service. The marketing team at AAT is able to utilize the 3-D immersive experience to impress their clients by taking them through the warehouse operations virtually. The potential power of VR for all kinds of commercial applications is almost infinite since there is virtually nothing that the industrial engineer cannot build with the virtual reality tool.

Virtual Reality

Team Members 研究成員
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Dr Henry Lau, Mr Leith Chan
工業及製造系統工程系: 劉應機博士、陳建業
Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd.: Mr. Stewart Chun
亞洲空運中心有限公司: 秦建明

Project Sponsor 贊助機構
Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd. 亞洲空運中心有限公司