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Engineering Centenary Distinguished Lecture

Bing Dialog Model: Intent, Knowledge and Interaction 
Dr Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation, FIEEE, FACM
Oct 29
How we are where we are today
Ir BLAKE, Ronald James,GBS, OBE, JP
Oct 5
Passion, Professionalism and Collaboration – in Support of Sichuan Reconstruction
援助四川重建 - 專業‧協力‧同心
Ir Mak Chai Kwong, GBS, JP
Jun 27

Shaping a City - Hong Kong Architects' Impact on Society 
Mr Edward S T Ho, OBE, SBS, JP
May 24
Hong Kong's Role in Development of PRD in China's 12th Five-Year Plan 
Dr Victor Fung Kwok-king, GBM, GBS, CBE, OBE
May 2